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W. Andrew Arnold

I have practiced employment law for 30 years and litigated non-competes and trade secrets about that long.  I have tried multiple non-compete cases to a verdict and have argued before the South Carolina Supreme Court and the SC Court of Appeals — successfully.  Now litigating in the “sweet spot” of my career, I am choosing to devote more of my attention to developing creative but meritorious arguments to achieve the best result and a fair result for my client.  So, if you have a dispute in South Carolina relating to employment agreements, non-compete agreements, or trade secrets, you should look for a lawyer just like me to help you with that.  Stakes are high, and you only get one chance.

The information on this website will provide you with a primer to get a general understanding of the state of the law on some of the most pivotal issues.  Devour it. Ponder it.  Let me know if you would like to discuss it.  If the law provides a path to beating your non-compete, I can help you find it.


More Bio

I was born and raised in the upstate.  After graduating from Furman and the USC School of Law, I dove into employment and labor litigation with tons of energy and lots of confidence. Two years with a management-side labor firm taught me much for my solo journey that launched in 1994 and which continues now with the benefit of a few partners. Helping employees beat their noncompetes and pursue their greatest worth is one of the passions which has survived a career of peaks and valleys.

In addition to litigating noncompetes and trade secrets, I handle employment law matters, business litigation, and serious personal injury.  In addition to being a lawyer, I am also a certified mediator.

And, just as in my younger days,  I am proud to be a South Carolina Lawyer:

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